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Thank you for taking the time to play our Marmoleum Memory game. The idea is simple, find the pairs of cards as fast as you can. You can turn the cards as often as you like to see which image is on the back but time is ticking. Good luck and have fun!


Play & win this muuto vase

muuto vase

The Elevated Vase from Thomas Bentzen for Muuto is a vase with a story. He wanted to give a tribute to the flower. The wooden base of the vase put the flowers literally on a pedestral. The materials used are inspired by the materials and colors of a flower. The wood represented the roots of a flower in the earth and glass, the airy feel of a flower.

Every week there is a chance to win this vase when you have the fastest score, make sure you register your email address after the game.

MUUTO Elevated vase has a value of 99,­ euro